El Tostador - EL Tostador Intenso ESE espresso pods

***NOTE BECAUSE THE ORIGINAL BOX IS LARGEST OF ANY BRAND IF YOU PURCHASE 2 OR MORE CASE CONTENTS WILL BE DUMPED IN 1 SINGLE BOX***BEST BY DATE 9/2023 El Tostador's latest new ESE pods made from 90% Robusta blend and 10% Arabica, for those who need the full bold caffeine experience this is the strongets we have ever incountered, reminds us of the old Starbucks paper pods. El Tostador still uses the old fashion wood burning roaster so you get the nutty wood flavor in there products. If we had a Level 6 on our strength chart it defenitely deserves it! SALE IS BECAUSE OVERSTOCK ITEM WE PURCHASED LARGE QUANTITY, EXPIRATION IS SEPT. 2023

[Size: 45mm ESE pods]

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