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Compagnia Dell Arabica - Compagnia Dell’Arabica Ethiopia (Harenna Forest Wild Coffee) Compostable Capsules

** NOTE SALE PRICE BECAUSE BEST BY DATE HAS PASSED** Ethiopia is the country where coffee originated and the only one in the world where they are plants in the wild. The Harenna forest, one of the largest in Ethiopia, is located between the mountains of the magnificent Bale National Park, 350 kilometers south of the capital Addis Ababa. At an altitude of about 1,800 meters here it grows wild on arabica coffee in the shade of tall trees. Every family, for thousands of years, goes into the forest, collect cherries, dried in the sun on loungers suspended, the tough, ground them in a mortar and offered coffee to guests following an ancestral ceremony, a solemn rite, with a strong symbol of respect and hospitality. Producers pick the ripe fruit by hand, selecting the most red cherries process which is shared with the local wildlife, accomplice and antagonist, in accordance with the man - nature relationship.The Wild Coffee Presidium Harenna involves 60 families, promotes the shortening of the supply chain, the protection of the quality and country, ensuring dignity and due recognition to the people involved. ***ALL COMPAGNIA DELL'ARABICA CAPSULES ARE NOW COMPOSTABLE***

[Size: Nespresso compatible]

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