Barbera - Barbera Pregiata Wholebean Espresso Coffee

***Caffe Del Fondatore very simialr to Pregiata*** Barbera developed this coffee blend with the aim to offer aproduct of excellence, high qualities of which are attested by the CSC product certification. The "PREGIATA" blend is composed by several type of coffees selected among the most world valuable ones. To safeguard the product, their exclusive quality characteristics must answer the conditions required by"CSC" Association (Caffè Speciali Certificati). The"PREGIATA" blend was thought to yeld a full-bodied espresso, endowed with an elegant, intense flavour, filled with enjoyable tones. This is an extremely clean coffee, with a soft and persistent after-taste. His cream has a fine texture and an intense hazel-nut colour. Product sheet can read at there link.

[Size: 1Kg (2.2lb)]

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