EspressoTiamo - Southern Italy Sampler 40 Espresso Pods

This sampler pack is based on Italy's more stronger pods, from the south where the blends consist of more Robusta than Arabica espresso in there pods.For those of you that want a strong shot of espresso and a nice kick to your cappuccino or Lattes this is a perfect pack. This package contains 40 mixed ESE pods imported from Italy, all with a ratio of 70-80% Robusta blends and 20-30% Arabica. ***THERE'S NO DECAF OR TEA PODS IN THIS PACKAGE***  2 Barbera Aromagic Cialdasuperior, 3 Gioia, 3 Lucaffe Ospite, 3 El Tostador Classic, 3 El Tostador Forte, 3 Molinari Oro, 3 Molinari Java, 3 Lucaffe Colombia, 3 Pera Classic, 3 Pera Oro, 3 Lucaffe Pulcinella, 3 Bristot 1919, 3 Izzo Gran Premium, 2 ZIcaffe Cremadensa

*Note any out of stock pods we double a type in the list above.

[Size: E.S.E. 45mm pod]

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