I Siciliani - I Siciliani Soft Almond Nougat Mixed Chocolate Flavored Mini Individually wrapped

Torrone is an Italian tradition for weddings and Holidays but actualy eaten any time of the year. This bag has 6 types (selection may varie in each bag) of Torrone mix bite size pieces of Chocolate, Lemon Flavored Chocolate, Orange Flavored Chocolate, Vanilla, Chocolate Truffle and White Chocolate Truffle.Ingredients are almonds 35%, sugar syrup, tapioca starch, honey, sugar, glucose syrup, egg white, natural flavorings and vanilla. I Siciliani Torrone best there is from Italy, made with their own grown Sicilian Almonds and Hazelnuts hand picked. NO PRESERVATIVES & GLUTEN FREE! We have 5 types of bars and 4 types of bite size bags of torrone.All types are the soft Torrone (not hard)

[Size: 320g. 11.29oz. Bag]

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